Sunday, January 30, 2011

Onesie Project

My cousin is expecting her first baby in the next few weeks.  Instead of getting something off their registry, I decided I wanted to do something different for them and their baby boy to be.  I had seen some shower ideas where everyone makes a onesie for the baby, whether it's with fabric markers, or glue and fabric.  I made them a set of three onesies with different animal shapes in fun fabrics.  Since they are having a little boy, I stuck with reds, blues, greens and yellows for the fabric colors.  Below are the steps to do this yourself and some pictures!


The Steps:
1. Go to your local fabric store and pick out some fabrics that you like.  Remember that the shapes may not capture a large pattern, so look for small patterns that will still look great in small pieces.  The fabrics that I used are quilting squares from Jo-Ann Fabrics. They were ideal for just getting a small amount of fabric in a bunch of different patterns.
2. Purchase Heat n' Bond paper which will attach the fabric to the onesie.  I used ultra hold, but if you want to sew a boarder around the edges of your shapes, you need to get the "light" version of this paper.
3. Pick out some shapes and draw them on a piece of paper.  Cut that shape out so that you can use it at an outline.
4. Iron a piece of the fabric (large enough for the shape that you have selected) onto the Heat n' Bond paper.  Follow the directions on the package to make sure you are using the right side first.
5. Trace the outline of your shape onto the back of the Heat n' Bond, then trim the Heat n' Bond and fabric into your shape.
6. Remove the back of the Heat n' Bond paper and place your shape on the onesie.
7.  Follow the instructions on the package to iron the shape onto the onesie with the correct amount of time of ironing.

These should be washable, however I have not personally tested that.

These make an adorable personalized gift for a baby on the way!


  1. the Heat n' Bond is a great idea! It seems like it might hold better than fabric glue, which is what I used for a baby shower craft.

  2. you are so crafty! this is adorable...